Lionel Gibson DDS - Rockford IL Dentist

Lionel Gibson DDS – Rockford IL Dentist

Lionel Gibson DMD

“I like to remind my patients that between us there are two dentists; the one you see twice a year and the one you see everyday. Only the habits of the second can make a healthy smile last a long time.”

Dr. Lionel Gibson’s journey to becoming a dentist has been fueled by a lifelong interest in the sciences, and a passion for hands-on activities such as art and building models. Recognizing the social importance of smiling and as a person who consciously made the effort to show others his smile, Dr. Lionel decided in high school that a career in dentistry would fulfil both his interests and his humanity. An early internship with a nearby dental school served as the catalyst to cementing his decision to become a dentist.

He thoroughly enjoys seeing the rapid, life changing outcomes his patients achieve. Helping his patients gain relief from pain or find newfound self-confidence in the appearance of their smile brings him immense pride and satisfaction. His patients can be confident that they will be well served by the artistic mindset and attention to detail he brings to every procedure. Ensuring that his patients are comfortable and receive a highly-functional aesthetically-pleasing result is his primary focus.

As his career has progressed, Dr. Lionel Gibson has been driven to fine tune his skills by treating every procedure as an opportunity to challenge himself and improve. This drive leads him to seek out new technologies and techniques, as well as develop better, more efficient methods that allow him to achieve optimal outcomes for his patients. His intention is to treat everyday and every procedure as a learning opportunity, always seeking to be a better dentist than he was the day before.

Dr. Gibson views every patient as an opportunity to develop a lifelong collaborative relationship. Through education and guidance, his goal is to help his patients understand the importance of excellent oral hygiene and regular checkups. He makes every effort to guide his patients to develop long-term sustainable habits that support their oral health. He supports his patients’ efforts by identifying and treating any health issues as early as possible. His goal is to help every patient keep their natural teeth healthy and functional for their entire life.

Dr. Gibson initially relocated to the Rockford area in 2011 to pursue an opportunity with Crusader Community Health. Since that time, he has had family relocate to the area with him, gotten married, and started his own family. His time in Rockford has allowed him to gain an appreciation for the community and individuals he has had the opportunity to work with. He is committed to providing his patients with the same level of care he would expect for his own family, and his continuous drive for self-improvement, dedication to his community, and artistic touch ensure that his patients can rest easy knowing that they have a dedicated and capable dentist to partner with.

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