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Todd Stern DDS – Rockford IL Dentist

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Todd Stern DDS

“Maintain Your Smile’s mission is to provide a friendly environment that informs patients of all their options and provides them with quality dental care at a reasonable cost.”

Dr. Stern, the founding member of Maintain Your Smile, has practiced dentistry in the Rockford area since 1996. Early in his career, he worked as a dentist at both the Crusader Community Health Clinic and Maintain Your Smile. His entrepreneurial spirit, desire to work with his hands, and passion for building lasting relationships with both patients and co-workers has been the foundation of his decades-long career serving the needs of the Rockford community.

Dr. Stern’s passion for dentistry continues to be stimulated by the generational level of care he has had the honor to provide. He is now seeing patients for orthodontic treatment, whose parents he treated! These long-term relationships and the trust he has earned from his patients is a source of inspiration and pride for him. Additionally, he has had the opportunity to watch the dental technologies develop and incorporate the best ones into his practice, decreasing patient discomfort and increasing the quality of patient outcomes.

He enthusiastically believes that every patient and every smile is unique and does not adhere to the ideas of “programs” in which large scale, one-size solutions are applied to all patients. Rather, he aims to create an open and honest dialogue with his patients, explaining any issues and providing guidance as to what is priority and what can wait. His goal is to provide his patients, and all patients Maintain Your smile, with the same level of care that he would expect for his family.

Dr. Stern has built his career on the foundation of honest and ethical treatment in which you as the patient are always informed about your options and the cost. You will never be surprised, and you will never be taken advantage of. He credits the entire Maintain Your Smile team with the success he and the practice have enjoyed. He knows that the culture of respect and honesty at Maintain Your Smile ensures that all patients can be confident that they will receive the best care possible.

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