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Marshall Valadez DMD

“I am a Rockford native. I am homegrown. This community has done a lot for me. The reason I came back to practice here is to give back to the community that helped shape me into who I am.”

Dr. Valadez entered dentistry out of a desire to help others by improving their health and quality of life. The personal connections he builds through the regular visits with his patients allow him to gain a deep understanding of their goals and personalities, allowing him to cater his care to best suit their individual needs. It is important to him that his patients feel and see that their oral healthcare is a team effort and that he is personally invested in their outcomes.

Seeing his patients smile is the greatest reward for Dr. Valadez. With every patient he sees and at every appointment, he aims to help his patients find a new source of confidence and pride, establish a healthier lifestyle, and even improve their mood through a beautiful and radiant smile. He understands the significant impact excellent oral healthcare can have on an individual and strives to share those benefits with every patient he sees.

His desire to continually grow as a dentist, develop new skill sets, and master new technologies is a driving force in his career. The rapid pace of technological developments and advancement of care procedures ensures that he has ample opportunities to be challenged and cultivate a varied toolkit of knowledge. He enjoys the opportunities presented to him at Maintain Your Smile, and being challenged by difficult or unique cases ensures he never has a dull day practicing dentistry.

At the core of Dr. Valadez’s care philosophy is the belief that prevention is the best medicine. By catching problems as early as possible and educating his patients to practice the best home oral hygiene, he aims to mitigate health issues and achieve the best possible outcome for his patients. This approach aims to minimize the discomfort, cost, and unnecessary treatment for his patients. His goal is to ensure that his patients have a healthy and beautiful smile that will last a lifetime!

As a Rockford native, Dr. Valadez returned to his community after dental school to serve the community that was foundational in helping him become the dentist he is today. When not at the office, Dr. Valadez pursues a variety of exciting hobbies such as scuba diving, practicing martial arts, and playing electric guitar. He also enjoys more leisurely activities such as golfing and being a spectator at sporting events.

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