William Shold DDS - Rockford IL Dentist

William Shold DDS – Rockford IL Dentist

William Shold DDS

“My favorite aspect of dentistry is seeing the continuity of care from childhood to adult, and from grandparent to parent to child.”

Dr. Shold recognized early in his life that he had a talent for putting people at ease using his calm, non-threatening demeanor. Although he initially became interested in potentially pursuing a career in healthcare in his teens, it was his first year at college as a pre-med student that caused him to decide on dentistry as his career path. He recognized the potential in dentistry for continuous and purpose-driven post-degree education as well as the ability to regularly apply his sharply-honed critical thinking skills.

Today, his passion for dentistry continues to be fueled by the generational continuity of care he can provide for his patients. He enjoys being able to help children develop sustainable oral health regimens and watching them grow into healthy adults who have benefited from his guidance. He finds it extremely gratifying when he is trusted by multiple generations of families to provide the care he knows they deserve. At Maintain Your Smile, Dr. Shold believes he and his patients benefit from the most advanced technologies and a commitment to collaboration.

Dr. Shold aims to put every patient he sees at ease. He believes that a dentist’s office visit should be a calm, educational, and relaxing experience. He strives to be a partner in your care, and never wants you to feel like he is working on you. Rather, he wants you to understand that you have a say in your care and seeks to help you understand all your options on your path to better oral health.

As a lifelong Rockford native, Dr. Shold, has an innate and unique understanding of the needs of his community. He is an active member in the Rockford community, participating in choral singing as well as various outdoor sports. He works tirelessly in establishing and maintaining long-term care relationships with his patients and is honored to be trusted by entire generations of Rockford families to provide them with care. With 40 years of experience practicing dentistry in Rockford, he has become the dentist many families rely on to provide them and their loved ones with the exceptional dental care they deserve.

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